Today, corporate events are expected to deliver incremental business value; leverage technology and maximise audience engagement. We are a dedicated events platform that not only amplifies the guest experience, but also delivers enhanced value to your events.

Scripin is

    A unique interactive mobile app and web-based platform that helps to amplify your overall event experience and value by….

  1. On event video insights and feedback 

    Companies are continually looking to accurately measure the success, cost effectiveness and impact of their events. To do this they need detailed, iterative and immediate real-time feedback.

    Scripin provides ‘as-live’ first-hand response and insights from delegates at an event. Using the platform, companies can ask their audience questions across a range of key subjects from product value, service quality, brand advocacy and user experience. Guests respond by recording a short video on the app. It is also possible to add incentives through the integrated competition module. So potentially increasing the response rate and enhancing overall engagement.

    The benefit of real-time feedback and analytics is that companies can both proactively and reactively act on the learnings while the event is still live. The data might help to refine the programme, adjust timings to allow greater in-depth discussions or re-state and re-test a proposition.

    Ultimately being able to gather information while the guests are still experiencing your event rather than days afterwards is a very powerful and effective tool.

  2. Dedicated events communications channel

    Being able to actively manage the communications during an event has traditionally been either pre-set or static. So, limiting the ability to dynamically influence the audience as the event unfolds.

    Scripin has a dedicated communications channel which fully integrates with venue AV infrastructure. This enables companies to deliver key messaging, branded content, even sponsored promotions on event.

    Scripin can also be leveraged to boost sponsors right-package revenue through the built-in tiered sponsors module.

  3. Curated entertainment feed

    Part of the broader engagement objective is to ensure that guests enjoy and have fun during the event. This might be at a gala dinner, reception or specific activities. The quest for companies to find something novel, different and inclusive can be both time consuming and ultimately a let-down.

    Scripin recognises this and using the ubiquity of smart phones and the Scripin app to allow guests to take photos and videos as the excitement and enjoyment unfolds. All the photos and videos taken are curated and moderated into a photo-stream displayed on screens around the venue. All of the images taken are located in one library that guests view through the app and the company can download as a single library at any time.

    Scripin can also automatically create photo-streams. The permissions and control settings still remain in place and accessible at any time.

  4. Comprehensive data record and analytics

    Data is key! It can tell an enormous amount about the event, from guest’s behaviour, engagement levels, to interactions and overall insights.

    Scripin has a quick view dashboard and detailed analytics module. This allows companies to drill down to see how successful the event has been – both as a snap-shot and as a post event review. The data can be used to demonstrate how the audience engaged with the event and the ability to compare event data to see how the last event performed against the current one.

    The impact is not only to determine how well the event has gone, but what learnings can be taken to refine and improve the event the next time it is held.

  5. Personalised to match your event look & feel

    The styling and theming of events is nothing new. The focus today is to provide a fully integrated look and feel around every touch-point and channel from pre-event communications, to the on-event experience, through to the post-event follow-up.

    The Scripin app can be personalised to match the look and feel of the event in terms of colour and imagery – so is a natural and embedded element within it.

    In addition, Scripin has a number of configurable elements to meet the requirements of each individual event. These include the ability to have complete privacy of content or to open up social channels to promote the event as widely as needed.

  6. Fun and easy to use

    Good tech always adds value, but never at the expense of user complexity.

    Scripin has been fundamentally designed, tested and proven across a range of segments to ensure the user experience is one of intuitive simplicity, appeal and engagement.

    It has been specifically designed to work across a wide range of events and environments. It has total flexibility to support your key objectives; and is powerful enough to be able to adapt, in real-time, to changing event requirements.

How it Works


Amplified by Scripin...

Twitter walls, Conference apps and Q&A platforms have been a staple of many corporate events over the last few years, but event organisers and companies are now demanding more. They want to ensure their delegates can play an increasingly more interactive role in their event; and gain a more dynamic insight into their products or services and customer behaviours, without losing audience engagement and giving their event a longevity through the content created.

These needs are now being address through a new unique tech proposition called Scripin, a fully inclusive, immersive and data insight events platform.


This is the entry-level package, a self-service package that is quick and easy to use with a built-in step-by-step guided process to create, set-up and manage your party. You can purchase a single 24 hours/1 day license, or multuple licences.

£250 inc VAT

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This package offers you more configurablilty and personalisation to your event. It still has the same ease of set-up, but includes of added-value elements including an integrated competitions module that allows you to create and run a variety of different competitions on the night from best selfie through to funniest photo. It also has event analytics, additional photo-stream transition effects and controls, the ability to display guest’s comments over photos in the photo-stream. This package will make your event stand out, deliver an enhanced guest experience and help drive the overall event value.

£700 ex. VAT

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This a fully managed end-to-end process solely managed by the Scripin Team. If you would prefer to have us take control then we will be more than happy to do so! This has the compete feature set and is highly configurable. We provide a professional on-site team to make sure your party goes smoothly from beginning to end. 

Starting at £950 

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