Joint Wedding & 50th

Joint Wedding & 50th


We were asked to boost the excitement and enjoyment of the 120 guests at June and Keith’s wedding celebrations spread across the course of a weekend.

What we Delivered

We pre on-boarded all the guests (creating their Scripin accounts for them) before the wedding. This allowed guests to immediately start taking photos and videos the moment they arrived using their Apple or Android phones.

The on-site Scripin team using the Scripin Events Module created and moderated a series of photo-streams, which were displayed on a large projector screen at the venue. Guests could then see their themselves, family and friends having a great time throughout the day and the evening celebrations.

June and Keith Marsh

“It was a great weekend. Our friends and family thoroughly enjoyed their time and the Scripin was brilliant! We have some great photos that we wouldn’t otherwise have had!”

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